Tradex app earning offer - Earn unlimited money + ₹20 bonus [Refer and Earn]

Tradex app earning offer - Earn unlimited money + ₹20 bonus [Refer and Earn] Tradex App loot offers, Earn unlimited money from Tradex App.

Tradex App earning offer -

Hello friends,
Today I will tell you about an app to earn some money every day. I hope all of you can make money from the app. Through the app, you can earn unlimited money every day. You can even make money by referring to this app to your friends. The app is usually a trading app. It's called Tradex. Let me discuss the Tradex App.

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About Tradex App 

The Tradex app is a type of options trading platform where you can trade with a yes or no answer to a question or share. Here you will find questions on many of your favorite topics such as Cricket, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Stock market, etc.

If the answer you choose is not correct, you will not get any money. And if the answer is correct, you will get a profit from your investment. You can start with bonus and it is effortless. I will give you a trick so you can make a profit every time. By this post Tradex App Earning Offer I can say that you will definitely earn something.

Tradex App Earning Offer Process: 

1) Click on the button below to download.

2) After downloading, install the Tradex App.

3) Click on the Sign-Up option.

4) Enter your mobile number and use the referral code. And click on Submit button.

Refer Code: gjp9xd {codeBox}

5) Verify your mobile number with OTP and complete your registration.

6) Now click on the wallet section. You will get ₹20 for entering the referral code.

Intra Day Trading Process for Tradex App

At the top of the app, you will find intraday trading. By trading intraday, you can make a profit every day. We will know how to make money every day through this intraday trading. Select the topic of your choice. Choose your answer. In yes or no.

The price of each share here depends on the selection percentage of the answer. That is, if the first option of a question i.e. the selection in the yes option is 80%, then the price of a share in the yes option will be ₹80. And the no option will cost ₹20. But you can buy at least 0.1 shares. You can also trade with the bonus you will receive after using our referral code.

Tradex App Tricks to Earn Profit Every Time

For intra-day trading, just follow which option is selected by more users. You have to choose that option. Because we need to make a profit listed of losing our investment. So just for safe choose more selected options.

Conclusion About Tradex App Earning Offer

With options trading, we can all earn well every day. You can even share your referral code with your friends and make money without doing anything every day. I hope everyone will use this app and share it with their friends as well.

I hope everyone understands clearly how to make a profit from Tradex App by this post Tradex App Earning Offer. You can comment on any questions or your referral code below. Please let us know in the comments below for any help.


Hello readers I am Ratan Mondal. I am a student of BCA. Blogging is my passion. This blog is my little consequence. Happy reading and have a good day. Thank You.

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